Hand cut Vinyl at Austin Signal

Short run, Lathe cut vinyl

NOT lo-fi - Great fidelity!

Stereo!  Not mono (unless you want it)

vinyl, not plexi-flexi-poly

Notice ! ! ! Lately I’ve been cutting quite a few replacements for projects done elsewhere. If you are concerned about quality, get a sample done prior to ordering a larger number with your vendor. I will cut a single sample with full artwork at my standard single price for you. If you don’t like it for any reason, I’ll refund all of your money, including shipping. if you do like it and want to order more, I’ll prorate the amount paid for the single copy into the larger order. Be careful ! ! !



artwork - audio

How they sound

Notice ! ! ! Please do not request vinyl cutting for material that you do not have rights to, or permission to reproduce. No mixtapes ! !


If you'd like to order, please send an email to jon@austinsignal.com .  You'll receive a dropbox invitation to access a folder that we will provide.  Please put all artwork and audio in that folder.  We will also send a paypal invoice for payment.   Thanks!!!

NEW!!!!   If you have interest in selling hand-cut vinyl on our Vinyl on demand store, click HERE

  • VINYL - NOT acetate

  • Durable - 1,000's of plays

  • No minimum order quantity

  • 12", 10", and 7"

  • Clear vinyl and picture discs available

  • Full color jackets, front and back

  • Full color labels

  • Perfect for:

    • Kickstarter campaigns

    • One-offs

    • Limited/Collectors Editions